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The Iowa Neurological Patient Registry

The Iowa Neurological Patient Registry is perhaps the most well-characterized cohort of patients with focal brain lesions in the world. The Registry began with the work of Arthur Benton and colleagues in the 1950s, and continued under the leadership of Antonio Damasio in the 1970s. Today, under current director Daniel Tranel, the Registry contains neuropsychological and neuroimaging data collected from over 1,000 research participants. Mark Bowren's work uses the Iowa Registry to answer questions about the structure of cognition and its relation to the brain. The short video and press release below give a glimpse into the past, present, and future of the Iowa Registry.

The Importance of White Matter

Neuropsychological research has largely focused on the relationship between gray matter (i.e., neuron cell bodies) and behavior. However, some of Mark's work has contributed to the growing recognition of the importance of long-range white matter (i.e., the axons that form the connections between neurons). Mark's work calls attention to the utility of white matter for predicting domain-general cognitive deficits.

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